Always Being The Unlucky One

Sometimes I do feel like I’m very unlucky. I’m aware that this is selfish and that some people are in completely worse positions than me, but just sometimes I wish life would give me a break. When I ask my mum why am I so unlucky. She’s says “God only gives you what you can handle”. This might be true, but as a human sometimes it can completely break you. And then having to build yourself up again is the hardest thing.

So today we went to the Garden Centre to eat cake (its good cake) whilst we were there someone had left something they had bought in the public loo’s. My mum made the joke shall we have that (it was some type of plant pot thing) we would not use. My instant response was no (of course she was joking), but straight away I said no we might get bad karma someone could come back for it. We don’t need to tempt fate. So I was being a good person. Although I’m struggling to believe in karma I try to avoid doing things that could come back to bite me ironic huh?

So now a few hours later I’m sitting on the train listening to an old woman tell her friend about the 12 step cardio exercise she does wtf? I will tell you my experience 2 hours or so after my good karma believing…

On my first train back to uni at 5 (joy) I managed to get an earlier train that went my usual  route to the station rather than the route the national rail tried to make me go on. So I thought oh great that’s really handy! (wait for it) So on my route to the station there is a tattoo shop that has this amazing art work just on the wall by the train tracks. It always makes me feel close to home whenever I’m on my way back today I managed to get a picture of it.

I admit not my best shot the train was moving very quick!

So I get to Liverpool Street station and like the moody person I am I always have my music on. I get to the usual underground section and find out there is no central line running what?!! How am I meant to get to the station to get my last train back to Uni?

Then I’m like shit, I knew I should have waited 5 minutes later for the other train, but I just thought I was lucky for once in my life. I then follow the directions to go back on myself end up leaving out of the exit not going to the other platform which was very awkward as their was a homeless person right near who watched me do the whole thing. I faked being on my phone haha because I’m crazy and casually walked back down the stairs that I had just walked back up.

So I get to the station there’s 1 minute until the train starts moving so I do a weird jog/fast walk and sit and google how long it takes to get to the station I’m meant to get the tube from luckily only 8 mins.

I then get the  tube that takes me to the correct station to get back to uni. This tube also has 1 minute until it is leaving and is incredibly busy so I do my weird jog/walk again. I stand for 10 minutes not able to move like a sardine and I’m not joking the level of body odour I could smell was not okay. This girl sitting down near me had her hand over her nose. Standing up I didn’t really have this option.

So I finally make it to the train station to get on my train with 20 minutes to spare. Being an organised person and someone who likes an adrenaline rush at the same time this experience was both exhilarating and a bloody nightmare.

However, the burning question I have to ask again why is it always me? Even the little things. I don’t really want to be getting a train back to uni I want to be at home. Unfortunately I have an exam meaning I have to go back. So surely I deserve some good karma and for my train journey to run smoothly no?

Today’s quote of the day;

Photo credit – Instagram – typograpic

Today’s positive of the day;

Although I’m struggling to find a silver lining to this whole experience I am nearly finished with uni woo!