After The Binge

Although this doesn’t happen very often anymore as it’s so hard to get back on it after. I very really never have a binge weekend. But yes it does happen… 

When I say a binge weekend I don’t mean a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate I mean 3 days non-stop drinking alcohol, eating everything in sight and not exercising. I even went one step further and had the dreaded McDonalds which I probably haven’t had in like over 4 months and then Monday hits you.

Today I got up went on the scales which is probably the worst things to do and jumped back off before my final number hit because I knew it was high. I then exercised with bruised knees and painful swollen feet. No it was not fun, no I probably didn’t give it my best but I did it.

I did a HIIT session and am now laying on my bed. 

I know why I don’t do it as often, because one as you may have seen from my post yesterday; it’s not always fun. And two because it undone all the effort and hard work I had put in the week before. It also makes it so much harder to not eat carbs and resist eating everything in sight because your body gets used to a certain levels of food. It also makes my skin very bad! Next weekend Im going to Scotland knowing I will be drinking but ensuring it won’t be a ‘binge’ weekend because I’m only human right? 

So I came up with a list of reasons why binge weekends whether it be chocolate or alcohol or in my case both are not necessarily worth it;

1. It makes healthy eating so much harder when Monday comes around

2. It makes your skin terrible and in my case UDI’s (Unidentified Drunkard Injuries)

3. One night might be fun but a whole weekend can actually turn out to be a disaster

4. Wasting so much money 

5. Looking at the scale on Monday with no hope what so ever

6. Drinking and fuelling your body on alcohol is actually really bad and can leave you dehydrated for days 

7. Not everything has to revolve around food or drink socialising shouldn’t be an excuse

8. Losing weight won’t come any easier 

9. The pain in your feet isn’t enjoyable from wearing those heels and attempting to dance like Shakira

10. Most of the time you regret it anyway 

So I need to make a mental log of these feelings, my mum used to say if you could put the feeling of a hangover in a bottle to remember we wouldn’t bother drinking at all. So here I am back to healthy eating early Monday morning attempting to seize the day…

Summer Bliss…

So it’s been a while! I didn’t really have anything to add so I thought I would just do a general life update. This week marks a year since I started this blog crazyyyy. Now I’m about to finish Uni (STRESS) trying to plan my summer and organise life in-between. These are all good things it’s just everything is happening at once.

On a brighter note I quit my job! Whoop Whoop 3 weeks and counting till I no longer have to make coffee’s or serve food I hate to rude customers so that’s exciting I just wish it was sooner…

Fun fact: I recently read that the happiest people make their bed in the morning, I looked at my bed (unmade) and decided to start making it because I’m not unhappy?! It lasted a day… I’m just too lazy or in too much of a rush to care enough. Note to self: Must try harder to not look unhappy.

So anyway I booked to go Scotland the week after Uni is finished. It’s crazy that I live in the UK and have only been to Ireland (aside from England of course) so yeah, Edinburgh here we come which should be fun!

My summer so far is looking good:

-Latitude Festival

And it’s the big 21 birthday in Mexico which is crazy as I am in no position to be and adult. I haven’t actually thought about my birthday much, life just seems to be flying by…

In September I will have to get a real job and be a fully fledged adult (no idea what in) in the mean time I plan to live out my summer as a reckless youth because isn’t that what students do?

So anyway hope everyone had a good Easter this week I am back to eating healthy after eating my body weight in Easter eggs! PEACE OUT XOX

No motivational quote this week. I’m letting my self down so here’s a photo I took for my Uni work of a dull day at home..


It’s Good To Be Reckless Sometimes..

I feel like I plan so much. I like to know where I’m going and at what time. I like to know when things have to be done and how. People sometimes call me the Boff or the SWOT at Uni, because I tend to start my assignments early. Who doesn’t want to do well right? okay that sounded a little nerdish  I also plan ahead because I never want to be one of those deadline day types of people (within reason) so I like to be organised. BUT then there are times that i am completely reckless and live on the wild side…

Reckless – heedless of danger or the consequences of ones actions…

Perhaps its something to do with my zodiac sign? which is cancer. I can plan so much, but sometimes I do things that even I’m like woahhh. This is when I know i’m at my most happiest. Because i’m not planning my diet, or my next workout, or when I have to go to work next or when i should be finishing assignments i just go and do something that actually makes me feel alive!

The other weekend my sister and one of our friends mentioned about going to a festival, the next day we booked it haha. I was at work I just transferred the £200 a now i’m going to a 5 day festival?!
Yesterday I had the most awful day at work. I still exercised, but then ate a takeaway and drank wine? It was a Tuesday night and this morning i had a presentation?

This one is a little less impulsive if you call 3 days less impulsive, but more reckless. So work has been treating me so bad recently that I was actually adding up yesterday if i could afford to quit my job yet or if i would have to wait a little longer until after Uni finished. However, my mum was like “oh just have Thursday off” as the planner and good person I am I haven’t had one day off work in the 6 and 1/2 months that i have been there (not that I’m counting or anything). My response was; “no, i’m not going to have Thursday off because I think i’m going to bunk Saturday” haha.

These little decisions or plans are the things that make me feel the most alive and happy, because they are moments right now. Although its good to plan ahead! I have so many exciting things happenings this summer it’s also important not to wish life away, by doing the little impulsive things that get us through the day a little easier…

I don’t have a reason for this picture I just liked the quote as usual it was saved in my phone…





A Brand New Start

This year is a blank canvas. Usually I make a New Years resolution that I don’t stick to or just forget about. 

This year I am entering 2017 with no new years resolution, but a promise to myself. I vow to live my life with no limits, and with no exceptions. Life will always be difficult, but we have to make it worthwhile. I promise myself that if I find something I want to do I’ll find a way rather than say; ‘my future self will do it some day’. 

This year I already have plans set in place before entering 2017. This includes;

  • Going to see an artist play live
  • Travelling in the summer
  • Graduating from University

There’s so much I want to do and although I have no clue what my future job will be or where I will be at the end of 2017. It doesn’t matter. Life is what matters, living in the present and that is my only wish this year.

Any one else have an plans or promises this year? 

Happy New Year (with a very sorehead) 

Life Should Be More Than Okay

Recently I’ve realised I was settling. Settling in life, settling with friends, settling with my future. After going through a rough patch I got back to what i felt was my ‘normal’ stage which on reflection wasn’t really normal it was just what I was used to. The only way i can describe it is when someone ask’s you “are you alright or how are you today?” my response was always “I’m okay”. I think i was so used to going through rough patches that when i had hit my ‘normal’ stage i would always say I’m okay. WELL in the last month I have discovered something…

LIFE SHOULD BE MORE THAN OKAY. At the moment i have a lost of positives, i had a temporary  summer job, i now have a job for when I’m back at Uni. I am starting a new Uni soon and already starting my dissertation to be prepared for my final year. Side note: any tips on dissertations greatly appreciated it took my 3 hours to decide the aim of my dissertation (SEND HELP). For once i feel like i have something to say about my life when people ask me how i’m doing? or what have I been up to? Before i used to say “oh you know not much” i actually dreaded someone asking me what had I been up to for the fear that i would have to hold a conversation about nothing. Partly because i was unhappy with my life and who wants to talk about their life when they are unhappy?

Right now i would say things are positive I am so much happier! I really do wish i could put this feeling in a bottle and give it to someone who needs it. For the last year i didn’t know what being happy was. When i think about my life only a few things have changed, but these few things have changed me so much that I’m actually enjoying where i am right now. For once i’m making plans, plans about my future, i’m finally gonna save up and have the guts to go travelling after I finish university and then who knows, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve realised it doesn’t matter what i do as long as i’m happy which i can honestly say I am.

Today’s quote of the day;


Today’s lyrics of the day;

“And I’ll rise up, High like the waves I’ll rise up in spite of the ache, I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousands times again” ~ Andra Day – Rise Up

Life Before Turning 20

So next week I turn 20! I will no longer be a teenager its crazy! I feel like I could just be starting School for the first time rather than looking for job’s and heading into my final year of University. I feel like ive always been mature (except with a drink in my hand), and i’ve learnt so much about myself. Particularly in the last few years i think ive had to face a lot and overcome so much. Sometimes I did honestly think it was the end of the world whenever I face a failure or things didn’t go the way I  wanted them too. Looking back now i realise that all these things make me who i am. Would I be the same person if i quit uni 7 months ago? Would I be happy with where I am now when I decided to go to University 2 years ago. I don’t think i ever realised how my life would turn out, but im finally okay with that. I’ve realised you can plan all you want, but no matter  what life is always going to have other plans.

So I decided to come up with things ive learnt about myself before i leave my teenage years in the past;

  1. Grades aren’t everything your family will still love you!
    I never wanted to fail I’m not the smartest of people i’m also very dizzy at times including when I full on tripped over a step and had to grab onto my sister for support (i was dying with laughter).
  2.  Stop having social anxiety you have always been dizzy so your always going to embarrass yourself in public no matter what you do!
    Anyone that knows me personally knows that I freak out at social awkwardness. I literally hate making people wait, or just any awks moment even if I’m just with the person whose doing it. I also get embarrassed so easily so when I trip over or do something stupid in public i go very red. I think it’s finally time to accept I’m always going to embarrass myself and just embrace it!
  3. Stop thinking the worlds against you
    I always think that I’m so unlucky. In some respects I probably am, but so is everyone else in the world. Its time to accept that things may not go my way 90% of the time so embrace that damnnnn 10% that do!

These are my 3 major hang ups throughout the majority of my later teenage years. I think now that I’m turning 20 im entering a new chapter the slate is wiped clean and it’s time to make new memories and have more incredible adventures. I’m not one to make plans partly because I’m crap at sticking to them, but also out of fear that I will never achieve them. So rather than create some mad bucket list I have come up with a few things i would like to do in the next 10 years (giving myself a long period of time so failure will not be an option);

  • Run the London Marathon – Me and my sister have promised ourselves  we will do this one day. I think it would be such a personal achievement and hey I’m getting a Fitbit for my birthday maybe this whole fitness things is finally working side note I never thought i would be one of those fitness people I feel like ive went over to the dark side..
  • Go to more concerts – I absolutely love music if only I could sing, but yeah i literally go everywhere with my earphones in. Can i still do that at 20 or is that immature? (joke) I’ll still be doing it when im 80! So yeah, i need to go to more festivals and concerts aswell as find friends that do actually like the same music as me…
  • Travel – I’ve always said I want to do this. I always felt like I need to find a loyal friend which turns out are hard to come by to do this. I’ve realised now that i can do this alone what’s stopping me? i’ve been in Education for so long its time to go on the road!
  • Go to NEW YORK CITY (again) – When I was 15 I went to NYC for 5 days with my School. I still to this day in my very short experience of traveling have never found a place so incredible. I must go again because 5 days wasn’t enough to see the city, i also want to visit other places in America. I can still remember looking up at the buildings in Times Square and being so mesmerized by the experience. (Any Americans out their I’m very jealous of you).

So now I’ve written it down I guess I have to go and achieve these things. In the mean time I plan to drink large amounts of alcohol and enjoy life with family and friends while I spend my last few days getting away with stuff because that’s what teenage rebels do don’t they?

Todays quote of the day;

Today’s positive of the day;
I’ve finally sent out CV’s to look for a new job. Turns out binge watching tv for 4 days isn’t really appropriate when you’re turning 20…