Strength In Choices

Recently I’ve realised that not everyone needs to know everything I do. I don’t trust easy, but the people I do trust I’m compelled to tell them how I feel or what I’m thinking. I’ve realise that sometimes you don’t need to let someone know everything about you so that they will be your friend.

I related this to my new found strength HIIT training with dumbbells which is absolutely killing me btw. When you stand still holding the dumbbell you feel strength and empowerment ready to take on the challenge but, when you do that bicep curl and lift the weight above your head you start to shake. This is a lot like people when you first meet and connect with someone you want to tell them everything about you so that they can get to know you and you find strength in a new found friendship. However, the friendship can reach a peak like a dumbbell and as soon as you make a decision that they don’t like you then find yourself justifying your choices to suit them. It no longer becomes about what you want to do and more about why this decision doesn’t sit right with them. The only way to stop it is to lower the dumbbell so that your no longer justifying your choices.

Today’s quote of the day;

Photo credit – Ronda Rousey Instagram

I liked this quote as it speaks to truth to how I’m feeling recently. When you let people in you find yourself explaining everything about your decisions when people should accept what you say at face value.

Today’s positive of the day;

Although my day consisted of revision for exams and doing a HIIT workout with Dumbbells which have absolutely destroyed my body. I am actually happy.


Stop Expecting The Worse And Demand More 

Recently I find that I’m always expecting the worse to happen. No matter what situation. Even this morning I’ve been waiting on an email about my university transfer as soon as I saw the email I already said to myself “I bet it’s bad news”. Turns out it wasn’t! But my attitude made me really sad. Why should we always expect the worse? Bad things happen all the time, but I can’t keep planning for bad things to happen I need to demand more.

Having a few knock backs has really dampened my confidence in everything in life. I need to realise that I can’t control everything I can only mange the fall out and no matter what the situation what’s meant to be will be!

Today quote of the day;

I orginally got this from a post by Ronda Rousey! I highly recommend if you haven’t read her book already. It was at a time when I had quite a few knock back’s rather than giving up all together I chose to carry on which is the toughest thing to do when you’ve lost all hope.

Today’s one positive of the day;

I heard back from my transfer to my home Uni and realised I shouldn’t always expect the worse!

Anyone else had a good day or any quotes they like? Comment below!