Living Life Full Of Unknowns…

So recently I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting. As one part of my life ends and a new one begins. I was talking to my mum and my sister earlier and we were discussing my future and how its full of unknowns. I said I think its good I’ve finally stopped planning and just started living i don’t know whats going to happen and that’s the best position for me to be in right now (although a little terrifying). Having my life planned out for the last two years has given me structure, but at almost 20 years old i forget that I’m still young and life is full of new things everyday what’s the point in having it mapped out?

So now as i sit in a nearly empty Uni room which i definitely will not miss. I’m finally okay with not knowing what the future holds because whats the point of living one step ahead all the time? I recommend it to everyone stop planning the future because nothing is certain and plans change. I didn’t expect to be where i am now 6 months ago let alone a year, but what i know is that everything is going to turn out okay in the end. It already has for this part of my life and I’m sure it will for the next chapter no matter what happens…

Today’s quote of the day;

I’m a sucker for a gym quote shamefully haha, yet this is somewhat apt for my life?

Today’s positive of the day;
I have 1 exam tomorrow then I go home for a few days before my final exam woooooo!