When You Learn To Let Go

Life as a uni student was hard especially my second year. I had some issues. I read a book recently (another one) I’m just full of wisdom lately. It said you need to let go of the past and accept it for what it was. And it’s true I don’t think I had for a long time I had let it burden my present whenever I spoke about it. I also read this quote that was very apt…

So now I’m back at this university visiting friends as they finish their finals year. You may have seen my previous post about going back to my old uni Start living in the present it felt different then. This time it feels different

I’m not letting the girl walk all over me. I stand with conviction and have told them about the dreams I’m pursuing with strength. Admittedly I am currently awake sitting on their sofa at 8am. This is because 1. I get up early to go to work everyday how’s a girl meant to change that pattern and 2. It is for once really hot in England so I have to embrace this weather! I just feel different about everything it’s like yes that was a part of my life and this is the right now, but the past isn’t hurting me anymore. I’m also not letting the people. The Kesha song has popped in my head! But it’s true I have learned to let it go…


Turning The PageĀ 

Hey, it’s been a while!

Recently I’ve met up with people from Uni who I don’t speak to that often and have treated me like rubbish in the past. People may ask why I bothered even giving them the time of day. I like to think im a forgiving person and someone that can rise above. This may be viewed as weak, but it is who I am. So although I was apprehensive I met up with them anyway.
I would like to think this last year has changed me. I’ve learnt to stand on my own two feet and if I’m not happy having the courage to make changes.

So I met up with one friend which ended up a disaster, but I kind of treated it as closure. I have finally accepted that I have gave them a chance and they were no different.

Last weekend I also met up with another friend. My mum doesn’t approve of this person because she treats me like crap. All I could think of was the Justin Bieber song ‘Love Yourself’ haha. So I waited a year before seeing her then she ended up also treating me like crap. After I drove all that way. Although she did apologise it was a backhanded apology. 

I’ve finally got my closure. I’m not gonna worry about what they think of me and how they feel because let’s be honest they don’t care. Some people would have dropped these people along time ago. It may have taken me a bit longer, but I think it’s a lesson learned and it’s time to move on. 

Now I’m on to bigger and better things although it may have taken me a long time to realise having very few friends is better than having friends who treat you worse than strangers. 

Hope everyone has a good day!