Just live…

I feel like I spend my whole life waiting. Waiting for time to move quicker, waiting for the tough times to end, waiting for the weekend. Yet what we all seem to forget is, there is a plan much bigger than you and I and waiting for the tough times to end isn’t living. I currently have two weeks until my life stops moving from one end of the country to the other going from the South East to the South West and staying where I belong which is home. However, although I have been through a tough experience in my life. It’s made me stronger without even realising it because there is  a plan much bigger than me and this was just a moment in time. Rather than waiting for it to end I need to embrace it. Life is so short and although there are moments that are tough waiting for them to pass isn’t going to make them hurry along quicker so instead I’ve learned to embrace life let go of what I can’t change and stay positive even through the tough times.

Today’s quote of the day;

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Today’s positive of the day;
I need to remember that things will get better no matter how bad life is right now.