Logging Off From Social Media

Last week I did the ultimate test. The removing of social media. For a whole week I decided to see if I could not use it. Okay I had to put them all in a folder on a page I don’t even use, but I did it!

These days I feel like we are glued to our phones. I know whenever I’m bored I’m constantly sliding through Instagram or seeing posts from people that either I don’t want to see or sounds bad don’t even care about! We have become so obsessed.

Soooo the first day I had to read to distract myself. Second day I started to get weird notifications such as someone said this on someone’s post (Facebook clearly knew I had stopped using it). The third day I was tempted to use it. Then my sister said it’s Valentine’s Day it’s full of love posts. That is definitely a reason to avoid. The fourth day I wasn’t so tempted. On the last day I went back on it that evening….

THE REALITY had I missed anything?! No turns out it was just the same. I hadn’t missed anything. I just felt a little flat after being off it all that time.

I definitely recommend anyone who needs sometime to switch off to do it.

The benefits;

– I did all the things I was putting off

– I actually read a book rather than reading other people’s lives

– I didn’t feel like I missed anything at all when I went back on it

Of course I’ve gone back on it. I’m 21 not 200. I still like social media. But the time apart definitely made me think more!


The Will To Change

After university I thought adult life would just be different you know? I would be in a job I’m happy in (not true), be full of positivity (not true), perhaps cut down on the alcohol (also not true).

I hate my job – I’m currently saving to do the TEFL course which is the only reason I haven’t packed up and quit already. The whole concept of 9 to 5 is literally awful. The people aren’t even nice. I even said today is this it? Is this all there is to life?

Please get me on another plane…

So I went to Dublin this weekend and literally did not stop drinking – no dry January here. However, I did decided after my weekend full of drinking that I need to make changes. It’s so hard when you fall into habits. Going out every weekend and drinking on a work night are two habits that for sure need to be stopped. It will also help me to get out of my job quicker.

Love a photo even from the sky…

So I’ve decided to give up alcohol until in the end of February… yeah the fact that I think I will fail doesn’t surprise me. This time I’m determined. I’ve been eating a lot healthier I just ruin it with drinking. Note to self perhaps make New Year’s resolutions at the start of January rather than have an epiphany at the end of January.

I am aware this post has been complaining, and there are people with a lot less. The sinner also says there are people with a lot more haha.

So now that I work 9-5 in a job I hate, to come home and eat healthy and then not drink alcohol on the weekend. WHAT WILL I DO WITH MY LIFE?! I guess I’ve got to try…


A Brand New Year

Wow 2017… it was an amazing year! I went into it with the outlook that it was going to be a good year no matter what and it was actually better than I imagined! This year I’m going in with the same vision.

I didn’t really make a list of things I wanted to achieve it was more things I promised myself I would do last year. This year I’ve decided to focus on myself more (not in an it’s all about me way) okay maybe in that way…

We spend so much time worrying about others, or achieving this or doing that. In the end we forget to think about ourselves. This for me is usually when things start to becoming overwhelming. So I’ve made a list of things I want to achieve. I won’t bore you with all of them, but here are a few;

1.Eat more vegetarian meals

2. Stop drinking on such a regular basis

3. Start running (I was going to say again, but positive outlook and all that haha)

4. Spend more time doing things rather than captioning them on social media

I’ve also recently invested in Fearne Cottons ‘Happy journal’ for those of you who don’t know her she is a tv presenter, author and radio presenter. She went through some tough times and wrote a book about it.

This journal is a way of focusing on the positives. I’m usually a quitter when it comes to dedicating time for things so as I have to write in it everyday I think it will be a good challenge.

This next year I already have a few things planned. However, as I’m going to focus more on my own personal goals I’m sure there will be more planned throughout the new year.

I hope everyone had an amazing New Year. My head is currently saying otherwise, but onwards and upwards…

Abandoning My Blog 2.0 And Making The Most Out Of Life

So I had a blog post ready about complaining about my problems and how I should be more grateful and that I’m going through a bad patch. I decided to scrap that.

I know I’m not where I want to be, but I know where I will be. This is literally just a stop along the way. But in hindsight this year has been amazing. And although I feel a little low now. It’s okay because I’m reflection I’ve had an amazing year. I promised myself this year would be good. And it’s has surpassed my expectations. Next year I plan to top that and not think oh it will be okay compared to last year because isn’t that what life’s about?! Not settling for less than we deserve.

So I finally started reading again during lunch at my crap job. I’ve started reading; “This is going to hurt’ by Adam. For any greys anatomy fans this is basically the British version based on the NHS. But it’s a true story about one mans life as a junior doctor. Although some of the stuff is dreadful the guy is so witty and funny you can’t help, but laugh at his experience.

It’s makes me feel more positive about life and ready to take on the day because at the end of the day I will be okay I’ve been through worse.

In hindsight this year has been incredible this is just a blip.

Also little update the south of England finally got snow! It’s a Christmas miracle.

The Club Isn’t The Best Place To Find A Lover

So I went back to my old university this weekend with my sister and our best friend. My sister was like you’ve got to kiss someone this weekend. I said “no im meant to have matured since university! This will not be happening”.

We had a conversation the other day about the dreaded Tinder and she asked me do you want to meet someone? And I thought about it…

Yeah I do want to meet someone but I still have hope that you can meet someone the convential way by actually communicating in person rather than through a swipe right. I also said I want someone to like me for me with all my faults and all.

I would like to point out no I did not kiss anyone. See I told you I’ve matured… anyway. We were on the drive home and I was like yeah I do need to put myself out there more. And my sister said yeah but the club isn’t the best place to find a lover. GOOD OLD ED!

So how do you meet someone? 

Work – that would be messy considering I’m literally on day one of a new job haha can you imagine.

In the street – that would be weird I would probably run a mile literally

So where… between work and life how do you meet someone? Until then I guess I’ll party and get drunk in clubs because hey you’re only 21 once right?

I was going to post a very funny drunk photo, but you know a picture of the beach is nicer! 

Giving Ourselves More Credit

So I went for 4 job interviews this week. 4. Yes 4. I went for one and thought yeah it’s alright. The next day I found out I have another one. LOVED IT. Then went for a second interview at both of them. Today in my sisters and my mums group chat and I quote I said: “I will cry if I don’t get this job”. LITERALLY.

I think we all have that outlook sometimes that things won’t go our way. Things won’t go as planned. I know I’m one to always think the worse. I also thought if I think badly about the job maybe good will come. I know my psychology is messed uppppp.

So I got the call from the agency saying they are going to call the company. It was 4:50pm I thought if I stare at this phone any more I’m going to go mad. Then my sister say I’ve got a call. I answer it. I got the damn job!

It got me thinking we always think the worse, but still hope for the best. I literally always do. For once the outcome was in my favour and I’m literally on cloud 9. Yes at the age of 21 I jumped up and down for joy. Then opened the bottle of prosecco and am now sitting here drinking alone (Because who doesn’t like a Bridget Jones interpretation). No one else wanted to drink on a Thursday night can’t think why?!!

Anyway it just got me thinking we think the worse and give ourselves less credit than we deserve! On that note I need to go pack to spend my last weekend pretending I’m a Uni student before acting like a serious adult starting my job on Monday.

Have a good weekend! xx

Woo finally a picture of me mid-cocktail drinking last weekend in London! I’m sure this weekend will be similar!

Start Living In The Present

I always feel like I’m waiting. I waited for uni to end, I waited to go traveling, I’m waiting for the weekend. It’s true people say we spend our whole life waiting. Life is happening whilst we make plans. I need to stop living for the weekend and live for right now. So I did some researching on ways to live in the now here is my list;

-Forgive past hurts

“It is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive. Forgive everybody” –Maya Angelou

This weekend I’m going back to my old uni where for my final year their I was depressed and unhappy. I’m likely to bump into a few people that did me wrong. I’m the type of person that wouldn’t confront anyone I just wouldn’t say anything at all. I feel like I’m just gonna take the approach of “hi how are you?” And just let it go. I don’t need my night ruined and they’re never gonna accept they did anything wrong so why put myself through the misery?

-Love your job

It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I best people up” – Muhammad Ali (okay the end of the that quote made me laugh) 

So tomorrow I’m going for my second job interview of the week and it’s only Tuesday say what?! The first interview I didn’t have much hope for but, I actually really liked the atmosphere and felt so much better about the interview after. So when it comes to making a choice what if I don’t like the one that chooses me? What if I get offered both, knowing one is more money which do I pick? CHOICES!

-Dream about the future, but work hard today

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”Eleanor Roosevelt 

It’s good to have plans for the future. That’s how I know I won’t get stuck in a job I hate forever. However, it doesn’t mean today can be any less important than the plans I’ve made for the future.

-Stop worrying

“If you treat every situation as a life and death matter, you’ll die a lot of times.”
– Dean Smith

I worry so much. I worry I’ll never be good enough, I’ll never be fully happy, I worry about the interview tomorrow, I worry I won’t find a job, I worry about organising my plans for the weekend for me and my friends, I worry about things that don’t need to be worried about but I worry.
This will be forever my biggest failing and the thing that will forever hold me back. I know it aswell I’ve just never been able to change it!

So here’s the things I plan to do to live in the now. Any other ways to stop wishing for the weekend and living in the now feel free to comment!