What You Think You Truly Become 

Buddha once said; “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

Today this couldn’t be anymore true. This morning I woke up realising I need to get my shit together and start revising for my exams properly. At 9 o’clock my sister sent me a text with the words vibes?. She had found us a holiday, and not just an okay holiday and all inclusive amazing place (large amounts of alcohol) only 1 room left for the dates we wanted to go because it’s so damn popular holiday. We had a lot of debate shall we book it waiting for her to confirm the time off work this went on for two hours then we just thought lets just book it. She said it’s been a tough year for you and I’ve never not went on holiday I’m not planing on that changing now. I just thought you’re right it has been a tough year forget about the money lets just do it. So we booked it…

For the rest of the day I was smiling I revised for 4 hours, I then worked out smiling. I mean who does that?

Post workout I admit I was tired lol!

Now sitting here the sun has just gone in British weather is slightly ruining my tan, but I truly do think its true what you think you do become. I was washing up another boring chore and I just thought why can’t I be this happy all the time. I admit yes sometimes life is tough, but thinking about the positives truly did change my mood for the whole day. I haven’t felt like this for a while which is kind of sad, but makes me think life’s not all bad. Although there are tough days I need to remember days like today make them easier to overcome.

Today’s quote of the day; 

Photo credit – Instagram – Attics

Today’s positive of the day;
I’ve realised life isn’t all bad and there is still things to smile about.