Roaming Around Italia!

To finish off my summer I spent a week in Italy. Eating as much spaghetti and pizza as I can handle!

We started off in Rome visiting some amazing sights including St Peters Square, the Colosseum and for any Lizzie McGuire movie fans I also made a wish in the beautiful Trevi fountain.

An estimated 3,000 euros is thrown into the fountain everyday!
We also went on a bar crawl around Rome with so many nationalities. To say that was a crazy night would be an understatement.

After 4 days we took the train to Naples…
Well let’s just say Naples isn’t quite like Rome. We were staying in the unsafe area and for what it’s worth I wouldn’t recommend being outside at night. Still to get over our initial shock we made plans…

The next day we took the ferry to Capri. Okay if I was rich Capri would be my holiday destination for a lifetime it was so beautiful and the water was so clear. We actually had an amazing day sitting on the beach with all the locals.

I wish I lived here!
On our final full day we took the train which we stood on for an hour with no air-con (tragic) to Pompeii. As one of the worlds heritage sites it was amazing and so sad to imagine a city wiped out after being buried under a mountain of volcano ash from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We actually saw a preserved child, dog and adult which is just so sad and one of the most memorable parts of my trip to Naples.

Also fun fact Bastilles song Pompeii actually was about Pompeii I googled it just to double check then we listened to it. Such a throwback tune! 

Pompeii Ruins!

My trip to Italy was incredible despite some bits being a bit hazy from all the wine we drunk. Once again I met some amazing people and visited an amazing country. My drive to keep travelling has only been fueled even more….


Surviving Earthquakes and Holiday Blues

So I’ve had a crazy summer so far…

After I went to Mexico. I then took a trip to Suffolk and went to latitude festival where I jumped on my best friends shoulders and sung my heart out to Mumford and Sons – I will wait whilst rather intoxicated. 

From there I went to Kos in Greece. Our first night things went bump and we experienced their first earthquake in many years. Although it was my first night we also experienced aftershocks the second night which I was wide awake for. Fortunately we were in the south Kos town experienced the majority of the disaster and I just feel so sorry for all the injured and the victims. Greece is so beautiful and for a town to be destroyed by a natural disaster is so tragic.

Anyway so after surviving the earthquake we experienced Kos clubs which were not like British clubs although they had the British music people were allowed to smoke so I ended up smelling like an ashtray some nights when we ventured to Downtown which is an underground club in Kardamena. 

We also went on a boat trip to paradise beach also known as bubble beach due to the volcano nearby some parts of the beach experience air bubbles. Fortunately I had my camera this whole summer so I captured some footage of the bubbles!

I never thought I could fall in love with a place so badly, but after 3 weeks which resulted in us using our bank cards in foreign ATM’s to withdraw more money. It’s safe to say I never wanted to leave despite having the worlds worst hangover on the final day and I mean horrific!

I would go back in a heartbeat I actually looked at flights, but they were all fully booked. Myself and my sister had two mottos in Kos;

The first one – What happens in Kos stays in Kos

The second one – Here for a good time not a long time

So now after following several people on Instagram from our holiday and questioning whether we will ever keep in touch. I am now waiting for our next adventure to Italy in 10 days where we will be travelling to Rome and Naples.

What I’ve learned most from this summer is I never want to live in my hometown forever this world is to beautiful to be stuck in one place.

Getting Away

So for the last two weeks I have been in Mexico. There is nothing I love more than leaving my normal life behind and hopping on a plane. Although it did take 11 hours!

Switching off from the world being in a completely different time zone and meeting new people was absolutely incredible. Part of me wishes I never had to come back. Although I do have exciting things ahead so the feeling of sadness quickly evaporated.

Getting away from the world doesn’t have to just be going to a different country. There are so many other ways to getaway when things seem to be too much this includes;

-Turning off my phone! Social Media is one of the easiest ways to switch off from the world

– Visiting a new town or city. I recently went to Scotland although it is an hours plane journey it’s somewhere I had never been before

– Taking a walk also always gives me the thinking time I need.

From now on I’m definitely going to make sure I take time to getaway. For now I am onto the next adventure of sleeping in a tent at a festival for 4 nights wish me luck!

Still dreaming of Mexico’s sunset…