The Will To Change

After university I thought adult life would just be different you know? I would be in a job I’m happy in (not true), be full of positivity (not true), perhaps cut down on the alcohol (also not true).

I hate my job – I’m currently saving to do the TEFL course which is the only reason I haven’t packed up and quit already. The whole concept of 9 to 5 is literally awful. The people aren’t even nice. I even said today is this it? Is this all there is to life?

Please get me on another plane…

So I went to Dublin this weekend and literally did not stop drinking – no dry January here. However, I did decided after my weekend full of drinking that I need to make changes. It’s so hard when you fall into habits. Going out every weekend and drinking on a work night are two habits that for sure need to be stopped. It will also help me to get out of my job quicker.

Love a photo even from the sky…

So I’ve decided to give up alcohol until in the end of February… yeah the fact that I think I will fail doesn’t surprise me. This time I’m determined. I’ve been eating a lot healthier I just ruin it with drinking. Note to self perhaps make New Year’s resolutions at the start of January rather than have an epiphany at the end of January.

I am aware this post has been complaining, and there are people with a lot less. The sinner also says there are people with a lot more haha.

So now that I work 9-5 in a job I hate, to come home and eat healthy and then not drink alcohol on the weekend. WHAT WILL I DO WITH MY LIFE?! I guess I’ve got to try…



5 thoughts on “The Will To Change

  1. Argh a job you hate is no good!! Maybe you can look for another that can help you save for your course?? You are a better person than me! I had a job I hated and lasted 2 weeks! Another for 6 weeks! And only that long because I was interviewing for other roles! 8 hours a day is way too long to be miserable!

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    1. Oh I know tel me about it! And I have been looking, but the moneys better here.. I’ve applied for a couple of jobs. I decided after 6 weeks I hated it should of got out then. For now I’m just doing the one thing I said I would never do, stay in a job for money haha!


  2. Good luck with your Dry February. I’ve had quite a few dry months over the years and it does get easier. I love the feeling of waking up hangover-free and able to get on with life and your liver will love you for it!

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