We can wish for something to happen, we can strive for success, but what happens when you have done everything possible to do your best… Hope

Being an optimist is something I struggle with. However, I always put 110% into everything even if I do struggle I work hard. When something doesn’t pay off I question could I have done more, but in the back of my mind I know even if I hated every second of it I would have done my best. Today I received my University results back and it turns out I have done really well. I was shocked partly because I was sitting at work and wasn’t mentally prepared to receive them and partly because I didn’t expect to do so well. But then I thought I’ve been hoping for the last month I would do well even though I couldn’t change the outcome.

I feel like I have high expectations for myself, sometimes to high. Failure isn’t an option in my eyes. I am also very stubborn so that doesn’t help. However when you hope and plead that you don’t fail and then you succeed it is something to be proud of.  We should all be proud of the little thing a bit more because in reality they are the big things we often forget about.  


Dedicated To The Women Who Raise Us 

I write this post after spending an amazing evening celebrating my mum’s 50th birthday! She single handily raised myself and my sister. She taught me to stand on my own two feet, how to be independent and to never rely on anyone but myself. She and my dad divorced when I was two years old, when I think about a parent I look at my mum who practically took on both the mother and father role and went out to work, but still got dinner on the table every night by 6pm. 

Life is so short, today me and my sister gave my mum her birthday present which was a trip to Dublin we were so excited to give it to her. Tonight I realise how grateful I am to the woman that raised me into the independent, strong and stubborn woman who I have become. She never went to University, but raised two children who will both graduate this year that are not only sisters, but best friends.

I’ve realised life is short we need to seize every moment. Life may never take the easy route, but in the end it will be worth it. My mum has been their through it all and I honestly wish that everyone has someone in their life as incredible as my mother! 

A Brand New Start

This year is a blank canvas. Usually I make a New Years resolution that I don’t stick to or just forget about. 

This year I am entering 2017 with no new years resolution, but a promise to myself. I vow to live my life with no limits, and with no exceptions. Life will always be difficult, but we have to make it worthwhile. I promise myself that if I find something I want to do I’ll find a way rather than say; ‘my future self will do it some day’. 

This year I already have plans set in place before entering 2017. This includes;

  • Going to see an artist play live
  • Travelling in the summer
  • Graduating from University

There’s so much I want to do and although I have no clue what my future job will be or where I will be at the end of 2017. It doesn’t matter. Life is what matters, living in the present and that is my only wish this year.

Any one else have an plans or promises this year? 

Happy New Year (with a very sorehead)