Whilst Drinking Green Tea and Sitting In The Dark…


It’s the thing that drived me to carry on with University when I couldn’t stop crying this time last year. 

It’s the thing that told me I didn’t need that extra chocolate bar even though I really wanted it.

It’s the thing that told me to stop drinking alcohol and go out and fix my problems because throwing up wasn’t the answer anymore.

So now as I sit here waiting to go to a gym class starving hungry because I ate so much this weekend that my body isn’t use to the fact that I have eaten next to nothing patiently waiting for 7:30 so that I can finally eat my dinner.

Motivation is my biggest drive, but it’s also that annoying voice in my head telling me I can do better than I am. Sometimes I listen sometimes I don’t. 

Next month is December and the end of 2016! What the hell?! This time in 5 months I would have finished uni, these next five months determine what result I get. They also determine what the hell I will be doing with my life and also whether I would have lost this extra stone and half I’ve been carrying around…

The future is the one thing that scares me, but my motivation to get to where I want to be to is what keeps me going. As we leave 2016 and we start the “new year new me” quotes I have decided this year it not a new me it’s the better me the one that doesn’t always think the worse, the one who tries harder, the one whose more determind and the one whose not afraid of going after the dreams that are patiently waiting in my head. Through motivation I will get there….

Today’s quote of the day;

For the gym motivation…


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