Life At 20

The future fuckkkkk.

I’m currently in my final year of University actually I’m currently sitting on the sofa surrounded by uni books and papers if we want to get technical and currently have no plan. I have no goal or vision. The irony of it is that i’m currently completing a module based on my career plan which is one big lie which is proving to be a challenge. I’m doing a business degree I ask myself why i picked that everyday? 3 years later I’m almost about to finish the first semester. I know everything i don’t want to do;

  • I don’t want to be stuck in a 9-5 job
  • I don’t want to have regrets about the choices I make in the next year
  • I don’t want to be stuck in one place for the rest of my life

They ask you to make life choices at 20 when I still party too hard, drink too much and worry to much to make a choice that will determine my future. I’m more exciting about the fact I’ve finally booked another gig to go to than consider what I am going to do after i leave university. The thought of looking for a graduate job is not appealing after completing psychometric tests in the past and failing every single one i accept i am not highly intelligent and will definitely not be putting myself through that trauma again. So what is my plan. I have no clue. I’ve changed my mind several times I’m like a child playing dress-up. I guess we all have to grow up at some point…..

On another note damnnnn that election. As a Brit in post brexit I genuinely thought Clinton had it! Her speech about little girls was so true. Yesterday was Equal Pay Day women still earn 18% less than men meaning from now until the end of the year every woman in a full-time position in the UK will be working for free now that is completely messed up.

Today’s quote of the day;



One thought on “Life At 20

  1. Dear CJL,
    I think its wonderful that you cannot decide about your future. You haven’t got a crystal ball – what you will be doing, probably doesn’t even exist yet. Just relax – do everything you want to do. Work hard at anything you find interesting AND play hard. The world will still be here and you will have a big place in it. Imagine you are directing a film and are doing a bit on your life at Uni – what’s missing? – Sol

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