Surviving Another First

I’m someone who hates starting something new. Not just oh I’m a bit nervous, the thought literally terrifies me. If its possible for me not to do something i will happily not do it just for the pure fact i don’t like being alone with strangers, i don’t like having to talk to new people and i don’t like going to new places i don’t know alone. God knows how i survived two years away at Uni oh yeah i didn’t i came home.

So anyway recently I’ve had so much new stuff happen to me. Trust me my anxiety levels went through the damn roof! But with a lot of nervous deep thinking and a little complaining i have survived all 3 new tasks successfully. So i thought i would share my 3 new things and how i survived my first day as the shy, awkward and slightly terrified person that i am..

  1. A New Class – So my doctor referred me to physiotherapist and after my initial appointment the physio-woman said I had to join this 4 week class to strengthen my knee. My first thought bloody brilliant now I have too go join a class with a bunch of old people, but i went.
    My way of surviving a new class was to get their early as I didn’t have a clue where i was going. I was their first typical me not wanting to be late. Eventually someone else came along and sat next to me. I made it through the class which wasnt actually that bad and am now going onto week 3.
  2. A New Job – Starting a new job I was absolutely dreading it. Firstly because it was in a coffee shop which i had no bloody clue about and secondly i didn’t have a uniform so i constantly worried someone would say “oi staff only”
    Once again i ensured i got their early i did as i was told to do and signed in went over to the coffee shop. Now on week 4 i can make all the coffee’s and have actually settled in quite well…
  3. A New Uni – So after so much stress with transferring back to my home university. Today i had my very first day, knowing that yo couldnt park on campus i decided to walk (one social anxiety was enough for today let alone parking). I actually prepared my uni bag last night, after checking multiple times where my first lecture was at 9:30 this morning I cant still remember now (room 101) i checked so many times haha. I stood outside awkwardly being the first one their againnnnn the lecturer came before anyone else did. The lecture was actually alright. I will admit i walked to the Town and did a Cady Heron from Mean Girls and sat alone. Before you ask no i did not sit on the loo i sat on a bench. Other than that today actually went well

Having new things starting for someone like me is stressful as i get more worked up before starting that i try to talk myself out of it. However after conquering 3 new things recently my anxiety may finally be improving. I’ll probably still always be awkward though, but god loves a trier lol.

Purely for my amazing photography skills this was my pre-diet milkshake last week!

Today’s quote of the day;



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