Right Where We Belong

Sometimes I look at life and think this is not where I am meant to be, this isn’t how I planned my life to turn out. Then I stop and thought…

Whose life ever really turns out the way they expected it?!

We live our life according to plans I planned to go to a Sixth Form in another town because it turned out I was smarter than I thought. Turns out I couldn’t stand the place or the people. I planned to spend University away from home now in my final year I’m about to finish my degree at home.

Along they way I made choices about friendships, relationships and life in general and these have lead me to be exactly where I am right now. 

I fear that things will never go to plan this scares me because people have expectations and although I avoid seeking people approval it’s nice to have it anyway especially from family.  

I’ve finally realised life isn’t about waiting for things to go your way because in hindsight it never bloody will! 

Today’s quote of the day;


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