No Longer Waiting For The Fall

I feel like I always start with “recently…” Usually because some drama occurred. This time it’s different. Things are semi-positive for once after having my major breakdown. I’ve found a job which is going alright, uni is sorted for next year and my life in general is a bit more positive. This is where I usually wait for the fall I expect something bad to happen because things are going so well. I’ve decided this time I’m no longer waiting for the fall. Things always go wrong in life, not everything will go my way it would be nice if it did sometimes! But I guess my life was made for the chaos. 

I think no longer waiting for the full is a reflection on me changing. Accepting the good and the bad and just trying my best. Failure isn’t the end it’s a stepping stone. I’ll probably never be perfect and constantly awkward which means that embarrassing things will always occur (let today be no exception). However, it’s trying to embrace the embarassement or things that I would consider a failure and looking at them in a new way! Otherwise I know my social awkwardness will never improve and I’ll probably fall back into the sadness stage that I feel like I’ve been in for so long that I no longer want to go back to ever!

Today’s quote of the day;

I’ve realised just because things are going well you shouldn’t let people back in your life you can forgive, but don’t make a decision when your happy with life because not everyone was around for the fall.

Today’s lyrics of the day;

‘Cause we all get lost sometimes, you know? It’s how we learn and how we grow’ – Major Lazer ~ Cold Water


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