Stop Worrying And Start Living

I have always lived my life worrying, worrying what will happen if I do/don’t do something, worrying if I made different choices I wouldn’t be in the position I am. Worrying about worrying.

Until recently when I had a major breakdown I realised I couldn’t even be happy about the prospect of a job because in my eyes the likely hood of actually getting it won’t pay off. It’s crazy to think this your whole life can be lived with fear and every action you take is calculated to ensure something may/may not happen.

I realised even if you predetermine every step and every choice you make nothing’s going to go to plan because when does life ever? But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m not a religious person, but I like to think God has a plan and I’m exactly where I should be right now.

So I vow to stop worrying about things that could happen and just go with it. Just enjoy life, I spend so much worrying that it’s time to start living.

Today’s quote of the day;

So I decided to change-up my blog rather than have one positive. Life should just be a positive and one thing I loveeeee is music, discovering new artists and just everything about music in general so I decided to choose my fav song lyrics on this particular day instead.
Today’s lyrics of the day;

“I’m a comeback kid. Don’t know why bad things happened, but they did. I don’t think I deserve the hurt I get, but I’m made for it. It’s not the end” ~ The Band Perry – Comeback Kid


3 thoughts on “Stop Worrying And Start Living

  1. Interesting post- your new philosophy sounds like a fantastic one, may I ask though how you manage to keep so positive, what is it that motivates you? Because whenever I try to keep positive I find it very difficult and often find myself stuck in a pit of negative emotions.


    1. Thank you for your post! I’m the type of person who bottles up my feelings for so long I then just explode. When this occurred I realised the reason for my unhappiness was not because of thing’s going wrong (they may not have been necessarily going my way either) , but because of my own low self-esteem . Once I realised that all you can do is try your best and if things don’t plan out you haven’t failed because you tried it’s just not your time.


      1. Ah I see, now the bottling up your feelings is something I can definitely relate to (the human mind has an odd way of working eh?!). But I think your new philosophy is a lot healthier and interesting, see I’m trying to be more positive in my way of thinking at the moment but I keep finding that I still regularly feel like a ‘failure’. It is interesting though your way of thinking because your method seems to accept that things didn’t go how you planned for them to go whereas my way doesn’t like admitting that. I’ll definitely have to try out your way of thinking I think 🙂

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