From The Bad To The Good

Last week I felt so negative about where I was at in my life, partly because I was doing the same thing every single day and although I was looking for a job i didn’t have much hope in finding one. I thought great is this it, is this the feeling I am going to have for the next 3 months? I discovered in that moment that the future doesn’t hold anyone’s happiness it’s about right now.  So this post is for me and anyone else to read when life isn’t going  the way we hope think about the good moments that have already occurred. For me it occurred straight after that moment which I’m not sure if it was luck or just fate.

So after feeling negative and finally admitting to myself how I had been feeling all these things occurred straight after;

I received  a phone call offering me an interview for work finally!  I then went to my Dad’s house that night to celebrate my birthday and found out he bought me a car. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I then drove my car home which is about 25 minutes away after not driving since I past my test 2 years ago. To say I was shitting it was an understatement haha can you imagine. I can confirm I did survive and did not crash.

Now this week I feel I can take on new heights, do new things, be whatever i want. I know people always say it, but I genuinely wish i could bottle up this feeling so that my future self no matter how bad things are there is always hope. I know I’m not a confident person and dread the thought of being out of my comfort zone.

However, this week I feel like a completely different person after the good things that have happened to me. I feel more determined than ever in life and I just know that what ever happens in life good or bad I’ll survive.

Today’s quote of the day;


Today’s positive of the day;

Hopeful finding a summer job soon and finally getting off my bum and doing something!


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