It’s Okay Just To Be Okay

So I actually started a blog post about how I’ve been feeling like I’m never good enough and nothing good is going to happen. I even put the words I’m not crazy or anything (I think I was trying to convince myself). I let myself be negative for a good 2 hours. Being home alone a lot recently whilst trying to find a job for the summer has made me feel even more depressed. But then I decided not too post it…

I think just saying how I feel even to myself has made me realise that it’s okay not to be okay with where my life is right now. It’s also okay not to have everything figured out. Although I receive criticism for my failures, aswell as my choices to cut people out of my life who have betrayed me. It’s okay to have nothing, but myself right now. As long as it’s for right now and not forever.

Tonight I’m seeing my Dad who usually has something to criticise about all my failings in life, which ends up leaving a very awkward silence with 5 of us sitting round a table (you can imagine).

Tomorrow I’ll figure out my next step. I know I’m not happy I thought moving back home to finish uni would answer all my problems (apparently not), but that’s okay because I’m not living life for anyone else, but me. As long as I find the right path for me right now it’s okay just to be okay. 

Today’s quote of the day;

Today’s positive of the day;

Acknowledging the fact I am really unhappy and making a plan to change it.


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