Life Before Turning 20

So next week I turn 20! I will no longer be a teenager its crazy! I feel like I could just be starting School for the first time rather than looking for job’s and heading into my final year of University. I feel like ive always been mature (except with a drink in my hand), and i’ve learnt so much about myself. Particularly in the last few years i think ive had to face a lot and overcome so much. Sometimes I did honestly think it was the end of the world whenever I face a failure or things didn’t go the way I  wanted them too. Looking back now i realise that all these things make me who i am. Would I be the same person if i quit uni 7 months ago? Would I be happy with where I am now when I decided to go to University 2 years ago. I don’t think i ever realised how my life would turn out, but im finally okay with that. I’ve realised you can plan all you want, but no matter  what life is always going to have other plans.

So I decided to come up with things ive learnt about myself before i leave my teenage years in the past;

  1. Grades aren’t everything your family will still love you!
    I never wanted to fail I’m not the smartest of people i’m also very dizzy at times including when I full on tripped over a step and had to grab onto my sister for support (i was dying with laughter).
  2.  Stop having social anxiety you have always been dizzy so your always going to embarrass yourself in public no matter what you do!
    Anyone that knows me personally knows that I freak out at social awkwardness. I literally hate making people wait, or just any awks moment even if I’m just with the person whose doing it. I also get embarrassed so easily so when I trip over or do something stupid in public i go very red. I think it’s finally time to accept I’m always going to embarrass myself and just embrace it!
  3. Stop thinking the worlds against you
    I always think that I’m so unlucky. In some respects I probably am, but so is everyone else in the world. Its time to accept that things may not go my way 90% of the time so embrace that damnnnn 10% that do!

These are my 3 major hang ups throughout the majority of my later teenage years. I think now that I’m turning 20 im entering a new chapter the slate is wiped clean and it’s time to make new memories and have more incredible adventures. I’m not one to make plans partly because I’m crap at sticking to them, but also out of fear that I will never achieve them. So rather than create some mad bucket list I have come up with a few things i would like to do in the next 10 years (giving myself a long period of time so failure will not be an option);

  • Run the London Marathon – Me and my sister have promised ourselves  we will do this one day. I think it would be such a personal achievement and hey I’m getting a Fitbit for my birthday maybe this whole fitness things is finally working side note I never thought i would be one of those fitness people I feel like ive went over to the dark side..
  • Go to more concerts – I absolutely love music if only I could sing, but yeah i literally go everywhere with my earphones in. Can i still do that at 20 or is that immature? (joke) I’ll still be doing it when im 80! So yeah, i need to go to more festivals and concerts aswell as find friends that do actually like the same music as me…
  • Travel – I’ve always said I want to do this. I always felt like I need to find a loyal friend which turns out are hard to come by to do this. I’ve realised now that i can do this alone what’s stopping me? i’ve been in Education for so long its time to go on the road!
  • Go to NEW YORK CITY (again) – When I was 15 I went to NYC for 5 days with my School. I still to this day in my very short experience of traveling have never found a place so incredible. I must go again because 5 days wasn’t enough to see the city, i also want to visit other places in America. I can still remember looking up at the buildings in Times Square and being so mesmerized by the experience. (Any Americans out their I’m very jealous of you).

So now I’ve written it down I guess I have to go and achieve these things. In the mean time I plan to drink large amounts of alcohol and enjoy life with family and friends while I spend my last few days getting away with stuff because that’s what teenage rebels do don’t they?

Todays quote of the day;

Today’s positive of the day;
I’ve finally sent out CV’s to look for a new job. Turns out binge watching tv for 4 days isn’t really appropriate when you’re turning 20…



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