Nothing Matters Except Right Now

So it’s been a while! Recently I’ve been feeling very anxious about my future, what i plan on doing with my life, whats going to happen. I know what i don’t want to be doing, but have no clue what i do want to do. I have also thought a lot about choices I’ve made in the past. I then went on holiday and sitting in the sun drinking plenty of cocktails made me realise. Nothing matters except right now..

I worry so much about people’s opinions of me, about the choices I make and about how they will affect other people. When in reality I should be living for me and only making choices that are going to benefit me because in the end its my life and living for other people I have realised will just make me miserable. No matter what we do in life someone is always going too have an opinion. Sometimes I just feel like I do things to please other people who don’t actually care about my welfare on a daily basis and only acknowledge me when I’m making a big choice that they don’t like.

From now on I’m going to follow these 3 steps when it comes too people’s opinion on my life and my decisions;

  1. Listen to what they say. 
    Obvs as annoying as it can be some people you can’t exactly say talk to the hand. So just listen politely whilst thinking about how you’re going to get the hell out of there!

    2. Accept what they have just said
    Say “thank you” or “oh I couldn’t agree more” make them think that now they have had an opinion on your life that you truly value it and that you totally agree

    3. Forget the shit they just said and walk away!!!

    This needs no explanation

From now on I’m going to follow these 3 steps as I know getting worked up and worrying hasn’t helped so why not try forget what people say and carry on living my life they way I want to even if it is sometimes crazy and disastrous it’s still my life at the end of the day.

Today’s quote of the day;

Photo credit – Instagram ~ Typographic

Clearly going on holiday has bought out my inner zen, but yeah I still love this quote

Today’s positive of the day;

I finally started printing out CV’s to look for a job. Any tips on job hunting for a person that’s been a bum and lived off student finance for a while would be grateful!


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