Sometimes You Just Have To Smile

So here I am in the car on the way back from uni for the last time. 7 months ago I was crying and didn’t want to continue with second year i thought how can I continue? Now I’ve finished second year, living life with so many unknowns although I plan to finish my degree at home next year I have no idea where my life is going to take me. For me this is a good thing as it gives me a moment to breathe and just smile which is something I don’t feel I have done in a very long time. My heads been clouded with so much confusion and unhappiness that I forgot life is something to be treasured…

I know I’m a dizzy person and get embarrassed easily. So yesterday after getting off the train to prepare for my final exam today a few things had to occur;

1. I decided to walk home from the station. The person in front of me was walking so slow so I decided to power walk to overtake him. As I overtook him I stacked it and nearly fell. I awkwardly smiled to myself and power walked even faster (only me)

2. We ordered takeaway last night. I just got out of the shower and I’m not joking I thought can you imagine if I have to answer the door with my makeup round my face. I’m not joking 2 minutes later the door went and I said and I quote “excuse the face” (how humiliating?!)

Now sitting in the car I’m laughing about it. I feel like i have been so serious and so unhappy that having clarity in the simple things in life is exactly what I need’

Sometimes it’s okay to just smile life shouldn’t be this hard I’ve realised and now I have a weight lifted I can enjoy the little things that aren’t really little things, but the big things that make life worth living with a smile.

Today’s quote of the day;

Today’s positive of the day;

I’m on my way home for the last time with so many unknowns, but so much excitement and clarity!


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