I Now Know What 3am Feels Like 

People say that 3am is for the drunk and lonely. Last night in some respects I was probably both. More sad than lonely and more tipsy than drunk. At midnight I decided to pack my bag to go home after hating uni for another day. I promised myself I would decide in the morning yet packed my bag anyway.

At 3am wide awake where I could hear the cars flashing past turned into 4:30am where I heard people coming back from their alcohol infused nights out which then turned to 5:30am still tossing and turning I just thought fuck this I can’t sleep I wanna go home. So I finished packing – (god knows what I put in my bag still on the train at 9:05 I’m thinking I should have packed better). So their I was at 5:45 am leaving the house preparing to walk to the station as why the hell would their be a bus at that time. Ironically their was?! And the bus driver waited for me. So with my hood up looking like a criminal I got on the bus which was surprisingly full yet no one gave any eye contact. I guess everyone was thinking the same question what the bloody hell are you doing on the bus at this time?! 

So I get to the station which is no mans land. I get on the train and for the first 45 mins I think about life, reflect on my decisions and get some perspective. Trains help me do that so by the time it was half 7 I was texting my sister I slowly slipped into the conversation I’m on the train home. Ironically my sister wanted to text me yesterday to say come home we are having a bbq but my mum wouldn’t let her as she wants it to be my decision. Maybe it’s because we are sisters or because she is basically my best friend we both had the same thought and the stars aligned. So here I am on the last train home at 9:10am. I know I’m bloody mad, but I think it’s the adrenaline rush more than anything. Sometimes you have to do what’s right for you and forget what others think it’s your life at the end of the day.

Today’s quote of the day;

For me I know the hard times will end in less than a month but it doesn’t make it easier grinning and baring it.

Today’s positive of the day; 

I’m going home woo! I don’t have to be at uni and we are having a bbq where I can attempt to darken my already pink forehead and nose.


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