Days Like Today Make The Hard Days Easier 

Some days I just want to bury my head in the sand forget commitments I have, forget trying to lose weight, forget everything. Then after the day has passed I have a day like today. Nothing about today was special, but it was busy, I laughed, the sun shined and although I still have a 100 commitments and exams to revise for today was a good day. I made plans for tomorrow that involved the sun and drinking. I exercised and went to uni and baked horrible healthy snacks that went straight in the bin haha! And now sitting down after a hectic day I don’t feel sad or regretful I just feel content. These days are what life is about the days when nothing special happened yet everything good happened and by everything good I mean life.

Today’s quote of the day 

I wake up with this poster opposite my bed everyday. Some days I forget it’s even their some days it’s the thing that gets me up in the morning.

Today’s positive of the day;

Today life is a positive. I need to learn to appreciate life!


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