Standing Up and Letting Go

One of my greatest fears is to be alone. I used to love to please others, yet forgot so easily to make myself happy. So instead of crying over the same people I stood up and let go. It’s one of the hardest thing’s to do, but isn’t being surrounded by people who only point out your flaws so much worse?

However, now I can only count the number of friends I have on one hand and true friends with even less. I like to think I’m not a judgemental person. However, when I see a flaw in someone and I’m not talking about the flaws of burping to loud or getting too drunk. I’m talking about the flaws of betrayal, pure nastiness unnecessarily. Those types of flaws I can’t let go of and those are the things that make me think I’m better of alone.

I can count the number of people who have let me down more than I can count the friends that have stuck around. I like to think that I’m not a weak character. I try my best to do everything to make others happy, but I’ve learned that what you do for other people they won’t necessarily do the same for you. I know I have flaws I get overly emotional even when I know someone is only going to let me down yet I let it happen anyway and then cry because I use to think it’s better to hold on than have no one.

Now that I am growing up instead I have chosen to stand up and let go and I can honestly say I’m happier for it. My true best friend isn’t actually a friend at all, but my sister some people find life long friends since School like my Mum whose been friends with the same person for 40 years unfortunately  that didn’t  happen for me. Although standing up and letting go is tough as it can mean your alone isn’t being friends with people who bring you down all the time so much worse?

Today’s quote of the day;

Photo credit; Google – Quotefancy

This is a quote by the amazing author John Green. To me this means standing up, letting go and moving on. Forget the people who did you wrong you’re worth so much more.

Today’s positive of the day;
I’ve finally realised my selfworth and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself all the time!



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