Love Yourself First And Everyone Else Second

Recently I’ve been trying to do more things for myself and not feel guilty. I get that there is a line to where you should think of others before yourself, but I’m soooooo far away from that line that I’m more concerned about what others think that I forget about myself. At the moment I’m experiencing feeling a lot of homesickness whilst at Uni this is partly because I’ve had a large amount of negative experiences at Uni and also because I love being at home with my family who I know genuinely care for me.

However, in going home a lot I’m experiencing a lot of judgement from my housemate. She puts me down a lot over little things even things like whether I’m paying attention to the program we are watching wtf?! I’m not someone who fights back partly because it’s just petty, but also because I’m just so not surprised when people do horrible stuff anymore that I have lost the fight in me to argue my case. To some people this may seem like a negative outlook, but in my life this is more of a realistic outlook.

I’m still learning to try to not care what people think about the choices I make. It’s my life, it’s my decision I don’t judge them so why should I let them judge me? I’m certainly not letting little comments bring me down by irrelevant people anymore because I’ve realised that loving myself is the most important thing and living for me is all that matters.

Today’s quote of the day;
Photo credit- Twitter @poetic

Today’s positive of the day;
I’m at home happy. Although I wore heels on Friday night and consumed large amounts of alcohol. Now two days later my feet are still destroyed! It was worth it though.

Anyone else have a favourite quote today? Comment below…


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