Living For The Right Now

Recently I feel like I’ve been reflecting on life so much that I forget to live in the present. We waste so much time worrying about what could, should or might happen that we forget that life is happening right now not 20 years time and if there’s one guarantee everything is temporary.

I’ve recently been trying to change my outlook on life if I’m not happy with something change it, if i don’t want to do something then don’t (ironically this couldn’t be anymore true) last night i said i would go out with my uni friends 3 drink’s into pre drinks all i thought was i don’t actually wanna go out, i will have a crap night plus I’m not actually going out with true friends why am i bothering? I admit i didn’t have the balls to say any of that instead i said i felt ill (partially true/ partially not) and i went to bed whilst they went out. To me that was a big step usually i would just go out and regret it the next day, but this time i decided not to. And as my sister said to me today “you don’t owe them any explanation” I now have to deal with my housemate being in one of her “moods”, but oh well at least i’m happy, not hungover and not feeling regretful. Which is all that matters!

Appreciating life a little more with this photo although it can be tough as Miley Cyrus said “Life’s a climb, but the view is pretty great” . 
Today’s quote of the day;

Today’s positive of the day;
I’m slowly learning that loving myself and doing what’s right for me is the most important thing in my life.



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