The Honest Truth

So I’m currently in my Uni room which I hate btw I barely survived winter due to illness, no heating and living in a room that may as well not bother having curtains due to the fact the light shines through no matter what. I hate uni, i hate living here and constantly miss home. Luckily I only have 6 weeks left and counting, I don’t regret uni i’m currently in my second year and after having a major break down in November (i’m not someone who cries) so crying for a week constantly was a very weird experience. I am finally over the worst of it and have got through it i’m glad i stayed and completed the year. But the honest truth of it is, Uni has never felt like home to me. Along with being betrayed by friend’s, getting stupidly drunk to deal with my mess (which i do not recommend) the only thing that is actually going well is Uni itself! i find it ironic how I can let my whole life fall apart yet I still worry enough to maintain good grades?!

So as i sit here with two jumpers on freezing I’m glad i stayed no matter how much i hate it. Gaining a stone in weight due to eating and drinking my feelings (again not recommended) and now losing the weight again and maintaining a moderate amount of drinking the honest truth is that sticking things out even at the worse of times is possible. I feel like i’m living proof of that, and although i will reflect on my Uni life with memories of sadness in some stages, there are also moments of laughter particularly in my first year when i thought it would be a good idea to put my finger on a burning hob drunk, or having a broken oven so drinking vodka instead of eating LOL!

I think getting through the tough times has been hard, but 6 weeks to go and counting I know I’m not a quitter and in life this is just another thing that i didn’t give up on. On that note i’m going to do Joe Wick’s HIIT workout (I recommend highly!).

Today’s quote of the day;


Photo credit: Instagram – lifequotes1235 

Today’s positive of the day; 

Hmm not much happened, but I suppose uni work is going well and my tutor said i should be an accountant (i laughed awkwardly)…



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