Stop Worrying What Others Think

I’ve realised lately I worry too much about the little things that don’t even matter. One example; trains I always make sure I’m prepared 10 mins before getting off or worry about the person next to me not moving so I don’t have enough time to get off the train. Or being judged for eating food?! Like what is wrong with me? I never end up speaking to these people yet I worry so much about what they think of me. I do this with people I know aswell like their opinion of me matters more than what I think of myself. It’s such a crazy way to live and sometimes brings me so much unhappiness for no reason.

On that note I’m now going to eat my chocolate bar and drink my coke and stop worrying so much what others think of me on this damn train!

Today’s quote of the day;

I love this because standing alone shows you know your self worth. 

Today’s one of the positive of the day;

I’ve finally learned to say no to people if I would rather go to the gym and stay at home than go out and get drunk then I shouldn’t be judged for it!

Anyone got any awkward train experiences to keep me entertained?


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