The Art Of Letting Go

So what does the art of letting go really mean?

To me it means letting go of the hate and regrets I have about myself about what I should of done. Me and my sister have this joke which is “shoulda, woulda, coulda” we originally got the words from a song by Beverley Knight (great song have a listen classic!) but, now we feel it very apt to say when someone is feeling regretful.

However, I’ve realised that I shouldn’t have regrets, not about the little things anyway because even then the things that I have regrets about could have still happen maybe not that day or that night, but eventually. You can’t control people you can only control how you act in this world and expecting everyone to have the same mind set as you will only bring you unhappiness so to me the art of letting go is to let go of the negativity. Stop doing things for people who couldn’t care less about how you feel. Focus on the people who do a lot for you and never ask for anything in return. For me that is my mum and my sister. I know they will always be their yet I let friends treat me like rubbish at my own expense why?

From now on I’m going to let go of the people who do nothing for me, yet I do everything in return to me that is the true meaning of the art of letting go.

Today’s quote of the day;

Today’s one positive of the day;

I said no to someone that has treated me really badly lately. Although it was only a small thing it’s a start!


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