Starting from now…

Hi! So I thought I would share why I’m doing this blog…

I’ve experienced a lot of moments of unhappiness this past year. I’ve been tested a lot as a person my mum says and I quote “God only gives you what he knows you can handle”. My response to this was that I couldn’t take anymore yet I’m still here surviving.

However I realised I didn’t just want to survive I want to be happy be more positive and enjoy everything in life not just wish it away even when times are tough. My blog will include a mixture of my day-to-day life, things I’m passionate about and a lot of quotes which I’m a strong believer in! Not everyday will be good, but although cheesy yes I am trying to find something good in everyday no matter how small.

Today my favourite quote is;

I liked this quote because although I’m not 100% believing it yet I hope one day I will build up the courage to get back on my feet and gain the confidence I feel I’ve lost back.

Today my one positive is; I got a response back from my home University I’m planning to transfer to in September. No confirmation as of yet, but hey it’s a start!

What’s your favourite quote or positive of the day? Feel free to comment below!


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