Being the nearly almost kid…

I’ve recently been reflecting a lot on my life. One of the things that I dislike about myself is that I was always the nearly almost kid. Which is something I feel I need to let go of.

For as long as I can remember I’m the person who almost but didn’t quite get there here are a few examples;

  • I was crap at Science my mum always said all I had to do was pass so I spent 2 months learning 90 cue cards for 3 exams. Thankfully I passed them all, but then I found out I was two marks off full marks in one of my tests killer!
  • So I was dead nervous for my drivers theory test. So when it came to test day I ended up being one mark off passing the first time I took it. Ironically it took me two attempts at my actual driving test aswell joy!
  • A-Levels I did everything I could to pass even getting 100% in one of my coursework’s  but, when it came to my exam I missed off getting an A* by two marks…

A lot of my moments are Education wise I didn’t even like School and wasn’t very smart which meant I had to put in double the effort the irony is I’m now two years into a University degree how?!

My mum has never put pressure on me about education as she knows I do enough of that myself, but for once sometimes I wish the work would pay off! I think accepting that I do my best is one of the most important things I need to learn about myself in order to not be so resentful about things I can’t change.

Today’s quote of the day; 


I think this speaks very true to what I feel about my past I need to let go of things I can’t change I do my best and if my best isn’t good enough then at least I tried!

Today’s one positive of the day;

Although I didn’t do much my revision for end of year exams is finally making sense woo!

Anyone have any nearly almost moments or any quotes for today? Comment below!


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