Living For The Right Now

Recently I feel like I’ve been reflecting on life so much that I forget to live in the present. We waste so much time worrying about what could, should or might happen that we forget that life is happening right now not 20 years time and if there’s one guarantee everything is temporary.

I’ve recently been trying to change my outlook on life if I’m not happy with something change it, if i don’t want to do something then don’t (ironically this couldn’t be anymore true) last night i said i would go out with my uni friends 3 drink’s into pre drinks all i thought was i don’t actually wanna go out, i will have a crap night plus I’m not actually going out with true friends why am i bothering? I admit i didn’t have the balls to say any of that instead i said i felt ill (partially true/ partially not) and i went to bed whilst they went out. To me that was a big step usually i would just go out and regret it the next day, but this time i decided not to. And as my sister said to me today “you don’t owe them any explanation” I now have to deal with my housemate being in one of her “moods”, but oh well at least i’m happy, not hungover and not feeling regretful. Which is all that matters!

Appreciating life a little more with this photo although it can be tough as Miley Cyrus said “Life’s a climb, but the view is pretty great” . 
Today’s quote of the day;

Today’s positive of the day;
I’m slowly learning that loving myself and doing what’s right for me is the most important thing in my life.



The Honest Truth

So I’m currently in my Uni room which I hate btw I barely survived winter due to illness, no heating and living in a room that may as well not bother having curtains due to the fact the light shines through no matter what. I hate uni, i hate living here and constantly miss home. Luckily I only have 6 weeks left and counting, I don’t regret uni i’m currently in my second year and after having a major break down in November (i’m not someone who cries) so crying for a week constantly was a very weird experience. I am finally over the worst of it and have got through it i’m glad i stayed and completed the year. But the honest truth of it is, Uni has never felt like home to me. Along with being betrayed by friend’s, getting stupidly drunk to deal with my mess (which i do not recommend) the only thing that is actually going well is Uni itself! i find it ironic how I can let my whole life fall apart yet I still worry enough to maintain good grades?!

So as i sit here with two jumpers on freezing I’m glad i stayed no matter how much i hate it. Gaining a stone in weight due to eating and drinking my feelings (again not recommended) and now losing the weight again and maintaining a moderate amount of drinking the honest truth is that sticking things out even at the worse of times is possible. I feel like i’m living proof of that, and although i will reflect on my Uni life with memories of sadness in some stages, there are also moments of laughter particularly in my first year when i thought it would be a good idea to put my finger on a burning hob drunk, or having a broken oven so drinking vodka instead of eating LOL!

I think getting through the tough times has been hard, but 6 weeks to go and counting I know I’m not a quitter and in life this is just another thing that i didn’t give up on. On that note i’m going to do Joe Wick’s HIIT workout (I recommend highly!).

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Photo credit: Instagram – lifequotes1235 

Today’s positive of the day; 

Hmm not much happened, but I suppose uni work is going well and my tutor said i should be an accountant (i laughed awkwardly)…


Stop Worrying What Others Think

I’ve realised lately I worry too much about the little things that don’t even matter. One example; trains I always make sure I’m prepared 10 mins before getting off or worry about the person next to me not moving so I don’t have enough time to get off the train. Or being judged for eating food?! Like what is wrong with me? I never end up speaking to these people yet I worry so much about what they think of me. I do this with people I know aswell like their opinion of me matters more than what I think of myself. It’s such a crazy way to live and sometimes brings me so much unhappiness for no reason.

On that note I’m now going to eat my chocolate bar and drink my coke and stop worrying so much what others think of me on this damn train!

Today’s quote of the day;

I love this because standing alone shows you know your self worth. 

Today’s one of the positive of the day;

I’ve finally learned to say no to people if I would rather go to the gym and stay at home than go out and get drunk then I shouldn’t be judged for it!

Anyone got any awkward train experiences to keep me entertained?

Living For The Moment 

In life we spend to much time wishing for it to past, forgetting the present and waiting for better times to come. This last year has been quite a rocky road for myself and I’m now at time in my life where I’m just waiting for the next few months to past. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it is that life is to short and can be taken even quicker. We all need to stop wishing for the week to pass, and embrace life it doesn’t matter what happened in the past and the future no matter how much you plan is still unknown. The only things that matters is right now… 

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Today’s positive of the day; 

Found this really cute friendship bridge today with my sister also listening to some good music out at the moment. (Recommend Birdy’s new album btw!) 

What’s everyone’s fav music today? Any recommendations? 

Stop Expecting The Worse And Demand More 

Recently I find that I’m always expecting the worse to happen. No matter what situation. Even this morning I’ve been waiting on an email about my university transfer as soon as I saw the email I already said to myself “I bet it’s bad news”. Turns out it wasn’t! But my attitude made me really sad. Why should we always expect the worse? Bad things happen all the time, but I can’t keep planning for bad things to happen I need to demand more.

Having a few knock backs has really dampened my confidence in everything in life. I need to realise that I can’t control everything I can only mange the fall out and no matter what the situation what’s meant to be will be!

Today quote of the day;

I orginally got this from a post by Ronda Rousey! I highly recommend if you haven’t read her book already. It was at a time when I had quite a few knock back’s rather than giving up all together I chose to carry on which is the toughest thing to do when you’ve lost all hope.

Today’s one positive of the day;

I heard back from my transfer to my home Uni and realised I shouldn’t always expect the worse!

Anyone else had a good day or any quotes they like? Comment below!

The Art Of Letting Go

So what does the art of letting go really mean?

To me it means letting go of the hate and regrets I have about myself about what I should of done. Me and my sister have this joke which is “shoulda, woulda, coulda” we originally got the words from a song by Beverley Knight (great song have a listen classic!) but, now we feel it very apt to say when someone is feeling regretful.

However, I’ve realised that I shouldn’t have regrets, not about the little things anyway because even then the things that I have regrets about could have still happen maybe not that day or that night, but eventually. You can’t control people you can only control how you act in this world and expecting everyone to have the same mind set as you will only bring you unhappiness so to me the art of letting go is to let go of the negativity. Stop doing things for people who couldn’t care less about how you feel. Focus on the people who do a lot for you and never ask for anything in return. For me that is my mum and my sister. I know they will always be their yet I let friends treat me like rubbish at my own expense why?

From now on I’m going to let go of the people who do nothing for me, yet I do everything in return to me that is the true meaning of the art of letting go.

Today’s quote of the day;

Today’s one positive of the day;

I said no to someone that has treated me really badly lately. Although it was only a small thing it’s a start!

Being the nearly almost kid…

I’ve recently been reflecting a lot on my life. One of the things that I dislike about myself is that I was always the nearly almost kid. Which is something I feel I need to let go of.

For as long as I can remember I’m the person who almost but didn’t quite get there here are a few examples;

  • I was crap at Science my mum always said all I had to do was pass so I spent 2 months learning 90 cue cards for 3 exams. Thankfully I passed them all, but then I found out I was two marks off full marks in one of my tests killer!
  • So I was dead nervous for my drivers theory test. So when it came to test day I ended up being one mark off passing the first time I took it. Ironically it took me two attempts at my actual driving test aswell joy!
  • A-Levels I did everything I could to pass even getting 100% in one of my coursework’s  but, when it came to my exam I missed off getting an A* by two marks…

A lot of my moments are Education wise I didn’t even like School and wasn’t very smart which meant I had to put in double the effort the irony is I’m now two years into a University degree how?!

My mum has never put pressure on me about education as she knows I do enough of that myself, but for once sometimes I wish the work would pay off! I think accepting that I do my best is one of the most important things I need to learn about myself in order to not be so resentful about things I can’t change.

Today’s quote of the day; 


I think this speaks very true to what I feel about my past I need to let go of things I can’t change I do my best and if my best isn’t good enough then at least I tried!

Today’s one positive of the day;

Although I didn’t do much my revision for end of year exams is finally making sense woo!

Anyone have any nearly almost moments or any quotes for today? Comment below!