A Healthy Outside Starts From The Inside

So the healthy eating has finally began. Its so easy to just ignore your health and focus on the negatives in life. Especially when life is hard which is everyday rightttt?!

So one day I just woke up. Admittedly after getting on the scales. That was an oh shit moment I can tell you! So after putting on a shit load of weight some weight and admittedly not really focusing on my health in the last year I realised it’s time to get my shit together.

The look of someone who has their life together or faking it

I’ve cut out the things I love. I mean chocolate is my one true weakness. I thought it would be like a huge sacrifice in my life, but being motivated actually surprisingly encouraged me to forget about the things I love. I’ve also started working out again hallelujah!

Although cutting out carbs is hard, being motivated makes it 10x easier. Also side note never watch the pursuit of happiness when you are dieting and/or hate your job. It will turn you into a sad ungrateful bitch, but curb your hunger pains easily. I learnt that that the hard way. So whilst I prepare my lunch and healthy snacks for work in a job I hate. I’ll pray I’ll lose weight, avoid falling in a depressive state about my job and try to be more grateful in life one day at a time.

Till next time peace and love ✌🏽


Cruising Through Life

You ever feel like you’re stuck on a train, that you want to get off, but for some reason just can’t work up the courage to do it. So you sit and wait and look out the window until you’re at your destination. That’s kind of how my life feels right now.

Each day I do the same thing; get up, got to work, come home, new addition to my routine exercise *rolls eyes* , shower, make dinner, eat dinner, watch TV, got to bed. And guess what… do the same thing the next day.

I understand things can take time, and planning ahead is important. But just sometimes I wish I was more reckless. Quit the job I hate, got out a loan and just fuck off to some hidden island in the middle of nowhere. Kind of like the film the beach. Except I guess that didn’t go to plan…

Things are moving slowly, but its a process. I applied for the TEFL course (Teach English as a Foreign Language). Dare I say it i actually miss learning. It is good to use my brain for something other than the mundane tasks my job requires! I can see why people go back to Uni and do a masters!

So I guess I’ll keep cruising through life until I finally get off the train! Until next time 🤙🏽

Freedom At Festivals

So I have just got back from an amazing weekend at Neverworld which is a festival in Kent. Safe to say my legs are absolutely killing me after a weekend of drinking, dancing and laughing!

What I love most about the festival was the freedom. You are literally stuck in a tent in the middle of a field with no WiFi, no service and forced to make do with the clothes and minimal shower and toilet facilities – the latter I hated, but the former I loved. No WiFi meant my phone was just a camera for all the amazing people we saw. Including my personal fav Tom Grennan. We also discovered new artists which I loved as finding new music to listen too is always a win! You just meet so many people with common interests which is makes everything more fun.

On the drive home after the crazy weekend sleeping in a tent for three nights and literally barely any sleep we reflected on a the weekend as three broken humans. To sum it up it was great. I literally treated it as a getaway from life. My friend said “it’s like being in another world“. Which is true no one can get in without a wristband and we couldn’t get out without a hike back to the car and the location was literally in the middle of nowhere so that wasn’t an option. I recommend any one who has never been to a festival to go for it! You won’t regret it!

Taking A Leap Of Faith

So right now I am on a beach in Greece! Finally sun with sea. Don’t get me wrong British summer weather this year has been one for the books! But their is nothing like sitting on a beach in a foreign country where no one knows you and just chilling by the sea!

Being in the sun and not having to do anything also makes me reflect. This time last year I was heading I the exact same country for 3 weeks after coming back from Mexico. A year on and I look at where I am.

-Graduated from University

-In a 9-5 full time job earning money

-planning for the future

When I look at my life on a day to day basis. Yes I hate my job and graduating University feels like a life time ago. However, in hindsight a year has gone by and I am starting to plan my future. I’ve never wanted to achieve my dreams as much as I do when I am sitting doing nothing thinking about them? It’s mad, but time away really puts things into perspective.

Sometimes life can be a rollercoaster and like many people I can get caught up in all the negativity. But when I finally start to think about it I’ve still come so far. Maybe it’s just being away who knows! Anyway back to the sun xx

21 Things I have Learnt in 21 Years

So tomorrow I turn 22. Yes I probably will caption some lyrics to that Taylor Swift song on my IG I can only do it once right?! However, it got me thinking of all the things I have learnt, accepted and how I have grown in the last 21 years and even in the last year. I came up with a list of 21 things I have learnt, some are just advice others are things I plan to do in the near future;

1. You’re whole life doesn’t have to be figured out.

I finished University this time last year and am I any closer to figuring out what I want to do. Nope!

2. It’s okay to want to quit your job and be reckless sometimes

I feel like now I am in my twenties all these life decisions should be happening. When in reality all I want to do sometimes is quit the job, by the ticket and get the hell out of here! One day I will do this I promise..

3. Changing careers a million times won’t destroy your job prospects – who cares if you did 8 months in a coffee shop?!

4. Never be too afraid to do the thing you truly want to do because it isn’t the easy route or you just don’t know how to start

Advice from my mum she said she never wants me or my sister to look back with regret at the choices we make

5. Your happiness is just as important as others

6. Self love is so important to your health 

7. It’s okay to stop talking to people who no longer have a positive effect on your life.

I have learnt this more in the last 6 months. Even if someone hasn’t done anything intentionally cruel, the way they act and their attitude towards you can actually be hurtful without you realising for a long time. I learnt that the hard way…

8. Feeling like you are ready to fly the nest doesn’t make you a bad persons (You may have seen my other blog post When It’s Time To Fly The Nest )

9. Counting calories doesn’t have to be an everyday thing drink the wine, eat the pizza and know that no matter what you weigh you will still have an AMAZING holiday!

10. Planning your life won’t make it any easier! The script will always change

11. Live in the now it’s all we have

12. It’s okay for some chapters to end without anything said at all. Whether this be with parents, friends or loved ones. Sometimes it does just end.

13. Don’t regret anything that makes you who you are.

14. Forgive yourself you’re only human

15. It’s okay to not have a close friends right now maybe it just takes times

16. Apply for the damn TEFL course get out of this job and move country!

17. Never not do anything out of fear or past failures

18. Not every change is a failure and it doesn’t have to define us

19. Be who you are, not who the world expects you to be

20. Someday you will look back on your journey and know the moments you were low or the job you hated were all just learning curves in life!

21. In a year from now I hope things are different I hope I have got out of this job, applied and completed the TEFL course. Be in some new part of the world. And most of all be happy with the choices I’ve made and the life I am living!

I urge everyone to write a list! It actually has made me feel more motivated than ever. I hope everyone has a good day I’ll be drinking wine in the sun, celebrating being another year older. Also watching England in the World Cup it has to be played on my birthday doesn’t it!

Post-Grad blues are real

So who knew post- grad blues was actually a thing? The year after graduation people can feel at their worse. I for one sure got it. You have so many expectations and excitement about graduating and becoming a “real adult” that when it finally comes around and then your working a dead beat job thinking wtf am I doing with my life?!

It’s easy to get lost in a job you hate and this can create a downward spiral for the first 6 months of this job I had been living my life out of my overdraft, drinking every weekend and going out at every opportunity sounding familiar? Basically living like a university student all over again.

Something then clicked on me and I realised I’m 21 turning 22 in two weeks where the hell has that time gone? Anyway… I realised I don’t want to be stuck in this dead beat job with no prosepects for improvement and colleagues that treat me no better than a piece of shit crap on the floor. I realised I’m too damn good to be working in a job where I am in sales I’ve never wanted to work in sales! So I started to plan and am starting to save. Admittedly I still go out and drink and am not always saving to the best of my abilities, but I’m young dumb and broke? So that’s okay I guess. HOWEVER I am saving, I have a plan.

Originally I said if I’m still in this job in September hand in my notice… well September isn’t far away I think I will still be in this job. But by January I plan to quit this job that is my true cut off point. And I know you shouldn’t wish your life away and I have read all the self health books under the sun. So I am making the most of this summer and continue to hope that graduation blues will pass life will improve and this is just a stop along the way. I also found out I got a first class honours this time a year ago who knew life could be so cruel to remind me on Facebook haha.

Anyway still trying to remain strong! Have a good weekend!

Self love

Self love – regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.

It’s so easy to forget about ourselves sometimes because we consider it selfish or believe that we should think of others before ourselves. Especially with the land of dating apps and moral high ground. When we should be putting ourselves first we end up putting ourselves last.

I am no stranger to this. I even said it to my sister recently. She had been on a bad tinder date the guy was an ass, I said you just need to take some time away. Focus on yourself and self-love. I always remember this quote “Make yourself a priority. At the end of day you are your longest commitment“. It’s easy to forget that sometimes when we live in a world where we are always meant to put others first.

Recently I’ve tried to put myself first more, focus on my health, my personal goals and stop defending people who have done me wrong. I’ve also learnt to forgive myself for things I regret, because self-love isn’t about hating yourself due to past mistakes. It’s about learning to let go.

Ironically all my big intentions this week started so well. Monday morning; I woke up at 6 am and decided I would start running before work. I got up went for a run, I felt good and thought this is the best way to start the week. Monday night I was throwing up and have had a stomach bug for the last two days. Sometimes self-love is more important than anything else. I for sure have learnt that this week!

Anyway there is always next week to try again… back to work tomorrow hope your week wasn’t as tragic as mine!